Trans Attack, Sergeant At Arms Assaulted – WATCH

Recently militant LGBTQ+ activists invaded the Texas capital building and assaulted the Texas senate’s sergeant in arms. This incident occurred just a few days before a transmale – biological female – violently attacked a Tennessee Christian school.

Loren Perkins, a transgender woman (I couldn’t find Perkins’s biological name), and a group of thugs co-opted the state capital in late March 2023.

The transgender woman was there to comment publicly on laws that would be passed to stop the sexualization of children.

Perkins began to go on a rant calling conservatives Nazi’s and other radical rhetoric that prompted Senate Sergeant in arms Austin Osborn to end the now over 2 minute speech.

‘By manipulating the words of an ancient text and shoehorning it into legislation aimed at an at risk minority population, you liken yourself to another group that gained popularity in Germany in the 1930s,’ Perkins said. ‘When a small man with a smaller mustache stood before crowds and proclaimed himself superior to others – I see you here doing the same.’

As Osborn approached, another trans activist physically assaulted him.

“By hiding your bigotry behind children like cowards, you will find yourself on the wrong side of history,” Perkins said.

Perkins then compared Texas lawmakers to Nazi Germany and claimed both were anti-gay.

“Some of the first imprisoned under the Nazi Party rule were homosexual and transgender people,” Perkins said. “Likely the first woman to undergo a successful gender reassignment surgery was killed in that same prison.’

‘When those prison camps were freed by the allies we were the ones who were still kept in prison for our so called crimes – for loving who we love and living our truth. We can see through this veneer legislation and access the intended target – the continued marginalization and othering of the LGBTQIA+ community.”

Then Perkins took over the mic despite her time ending, which is when Osborne attempted to move him because others in the building wanted to speak.

Other senate members in the room attempted to stop Perkins but the violent insurrection was in full swing. Officials muted the microphone but the thugs continued their unnecessary take over.

You may have noticed we used terms like “insurrection” and such because the truth is if this was conservatives that did this in a blue state they would have been arrested. When the mainstream media would report on the incident, how we wrote it is exactly how the Washington Post and others would word it.

There was no need for violence. Perkins and his cohorts could have shown up in mass and all given 2-minute speeches. There was no need to take over the mic and cause a scene; they chose to do that.

Not one of the individuals has been charged.

We scoured the interwebs to find the incident, and the only publication that had a video of the interaction was the Daily Mail. It appears to have been scrubbed everywhere else.

The video was originally posted by a left-wing activist in Texas however, after it went viral, she took it down.




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