Trump Just Broke Another Record & It Is Driving The Left Mad

The left is freaking out, and that’s not hyperbole…they don’t know what to think.

After the news that Elon may bring back former President Trump, CBS News posted that they would no longer post on the platform due to safety issues. They came back two days after their declaration (one day after Elon restored Trump).

The network wouldn’t say why but if I was a betting man, I’d guess they lost traffic.

Elon even trolled the network:

On November 18, 2022 Musk held a poll asking if Trump should be restored. After the results were in he reinstated the former president.

That sent the left off a cliff but not just because he was reinstated…the poll was a trap. It was possibly one of the biggest polls ever on the social media platform.

Musk has always complained about the bot traffic on Twitter and he used the poll to find all those leftist bots that are used to manipulate Twitter’s algorithm.

The Left has met their match.

However, right on cue, the left used Rep. Adam Kingzer to claim that Russian bots influenced the poll to reinstate Trump.

These people never get tired of blaming Russia.

Lastly, “journalists” have fled Twitter and moved over to another platform called Mastodon. In a quest for purity, they are banning each other left and right.




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