Trump’s Prediction About Biden Giving Iran Money Goes Viral

Trump tweeted in September that the $6 billion provided by President Joe Biden to Iran will likely be used for terrorist activities across the Middle East. Recent events may have gravely supported Trump’s predictions. Hamas, an Islamic terrorist group, launched a surprise attack on Israel during the celebrations of Simchat Torah and Shabbat.

On Saturday, conservative Jack Posobiec shared a post on social media, including a screenshot of Trump’s prediction from September. The prediction stated that the money provided by Biden would likely be used for terrorism, which is exactly what we are seeing now in Israel, according to Posobiec. The post has garnered over a million views and has raised speculation about the accuracy of Trump’s prediction.

Many online expressed opinions that aligned with Trump’s prediction, along with stressing the critical role he played in the previous administration. Radio host and author Mark Levin noted that Trump’s actions stood in stark contrast to Biden’s, who reversed the policies on Iran, pushed for more concessions from Israel, and funded the Palestinians instead of cutting them off. Other voices, such as Mike Cernovich, noted that such an attack would have been unlikely to occur under Trump’s administration.

The violence has caused Trump to reflect on his administration. In his statement, Trump expressed his concern for the damage Biden’s foreign policies have caused. He added that the Abraham Accords, a defining moment of the Trump administration, stands in stark contrast to the tensions currently brewing in the Middle East.

Several days after positing that Biden’s policies would eventually lead to such an attack, Trump said that the incompetence and weakness that defined Biden’s administration seemed to be yielding negative results. Trump casually mentioned how polar opposite the situation was four years ago when the Abraham Accords were signed. Trump ended his statement by claiming that things were “only going to get worse.”

Trump’s warnings about Biden’s policies ring increasingly clear, as Hamas has fired rockets on multiple occasions. It is easy to see why the democrat might have a vested interest in pushing non-progressive policies, despite the consequences. The attack on Israel came on a weekend, at a time when Jewish supporters of Israel would be resting and celebrating the holiday. It may have been a calculated move to attack while supporters were mentally and physically at peace. Sadly, this is what led up to the event. in the Middle East during Trump’s administration, and following Biden’s policies, caused such devastating results in the first few months following his election.


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