Truth Slips During Biden Gaffe, It’s Not Good – WATCH

President Joe Biden recently spoke in Lanham, Maryland about the economy and during several gaffes, told the truth.

Throughout the speech, Biden made wild claims.

Despite the fact that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy said there will be no cuts to Meciad or Social Security days before the SOTU Biden said:

“Look, folks, you saw when I said that on the flooar — maybe if you saw it — and you saw — and I said that on the floor. And they said, ‘No! No! Liar! Liar! He’s a…’ I said, ‘That means you don’t — you’re not going to cut Medicare or Social Security?’ And they all stood up and started clapping. I said, ‘Well, we got it settled then.’ And let me — no, seriously. Well, it’s all on film. Let’s see who votes to — to cut it.”

McCarthy is also on film.


Despite the Biden administration declaring the IRS is going to crack down on tip earners Biden had this to say.

“And just last month, the very first bill the Republicans passed in the House of Representatives would rescind that effort,” Biden said. “It would cut those — all those folks out again. Instead, they let tax cheats get away with it.”

Then Biden told the truth for a moment stating he’s “gonna take millions of barrels of oil off the road.”

Lastly, despite talking about rail and infrastructure, Biden didn’t mention the disaster in Ohio.


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