Two Dem Divas Get Wrecked In The Midterms, Their Careers Are OVER

Two of the biggest stars of the Democratic Party got their clocks cleaned on Election Day. It was such a drubbing that both races were called early.

Democratic candidate for Texas Governor Beto O’Rourke and Georgia Democratic candidate for Governor Stacy Abrams got destroyed.

Republican incumbent Brian Kemp faced off with the contentious Stacy Abrams for a second time, and the results weren’t even close.

Kemp won 53.4% of the vote. Meanwhile, Abrams only received 45.9%.


Abrams didn’t pull any shenanigans this time around and conceded the loss. It also appears that Abrams will no longer be running for office in Georgia.

“Tonight, I am doing clearly what is the responsible thing, I am suspending my campaign for governor,” she said. “I may no longer be seeking the office of governor, but I will never stop doing everything in my power to make sure the people in Georgia have a voice.”

“While I may have not crossed the finish line, that doesn’t mean that I won’t stop running for a better Georgia,” she said. “Even though my fight — our fight — for the governor’s mansion came up short, I’m pretty tall.”

This is in stark contrast to her behavior in 2018 when she refused to concede, claiming the election was stolen from her.

Additionally, Beto O’Rourke got kicked to the curb for like the 100th time (sarcasm).

Beto is actually a three-time loser after being considered the next great hope for Democrats.

Beto only received 43.8% of the vote.

The only thing Abrams and Beto have shown is that they can burn through money. Between the two of them they spent about $150 million and still got their clocks cleaned.


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