Ukraine Foreign Ministry Unveils New Spokesperson-ish

After the foreign aid bill was passed in Congress now look what is being reported.

Things don’t appear to be going well in Ukraine.

A UN investigation found that a missile that landed in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv was a North Korean Hwasong-11 series ballistic missile. This is just one example of the many weapons North Korea has sent to Russia since December. South Korean security officials estimate that nearly 7,000 shipping containers filled with missiles, artillery shells, and other ammunition have been sent to Russia.

Iran, on the other hand, has been supplying Russia with drones that are used to conduct swarm attacks against key Ukrainian infrastructure. These drones have become a familiar sight in the Ukrainian battlespace.

China’s support for Russia is focused on helping to rebuild its military industrial base to a level not seen since the Soviet era. The Biden administration’s assessment found that China is providing significant quantities of machine tools, drone and turbojet engines, and technology for cruise missiles. Chinese and Russian organizations are also coordinating efforts to develop drone production within Russia.

Despite the support from its allies, Ukraine’s forces are struggling to counter the increasing number of attacks they face from Russian forces and drones. The situation is particularly dire in the eastern stronghold of Chasiv Yar, where Ukrainian forces are trying to hold off another Russian push.

The shortages facing Ukrainian forces are especially concerning given that Russia is said to be assembling a 150,000-strong force to launch a fresh offensive in the coming months. The prospect of Russia making further gains is further boosted by the fact that they continue to enjoy air superiority, with still no sign of the long-promised F-16 fighters becoming operational.

Keep in mind that this all happened after the US passed a massive spending bill. Additionally, the government published something really weird.

Originally, Junior Sergeant Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a transgender who traveled to Ukraine in March 2022 as a journalist from the United States, was a spokesperson for the Defense Forces until being suspended.

Now, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced “Victoriya Shi,” the world’s first Al-generated avatar, as its digital spokesperson.


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