Update In Club Q Shooting Blindsides The Left, They Didn’t See This On Coming – It’s Paul Pelosi All Over Again

There has been an update in the Club Q shooting in Colorado that has the left in a frenzy.

Up until the latest news broke, the left claimed the shooting was Tucker Carlson, Libs of TikTok, Fox News, and every Republican that doesn’t agree with them fault.

Well, now the left doesn’t know what to think because, according to the alleged attacker’s lawyers, he uses the pronouns they/them.

From Axios:

The public defenders for the suspect in the mass shooting at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub said in a Tuesday night court filing obtained by a New York Times reporter that their client is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is facing multiple murder and hate crime charges over the shooting at Club Q last weekend that killed five people, per Max D’Onofrio, a city spokesperson.

The drones in the media now don’t know what to think.

This is the Paul Pelosi attack narrative all over again and it’s failing just as miserably.

But there is even more…

Aldrich’s dad is a porn star.

The Daily Mail reported that “their” dad is a pornstar who goes by the name “Dick Delaware.”

Once again, you see the left’s narrative crumble like a cookie.



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