US Beer Company Gut Punches Bud Light With One Picture

Today we’re going to talk about the recent feud between two big beer companies – Yuengling and Bud Light. It all started when Bud Light partnered with a transgender social media influencer, Dylan Mulvaney, to promote their brand. The decision was met with backlash from consumers and some celebrities, which reportedly led to a $5 billion loss in market value for the company.

Anheuser-Busch, the parent company of Bud Light, finally broke their silence on the matter with a lengthy statement posted on Twitter. The statement was aimed at addressing the controversy and reassuring consumers that they never intended to “divide people.” They emphasized that they were in the business of bringing people together over a beer and that they were honored to be part of the fabric of this country.

Shortly after the statement from Anheuser-Busch, Yuengling sent out their own tweet, taking a jab at their competitor. The tweet read, “Yuengling, The Oldest Brewery In America. Independently Owned and Family Operated since 1829 because we make good beer,” along with an image of their traditional lager with an American flag in the background.

As a guy from the South who tells it like it is, I can’t help but appreciate Yuengling’s approach to this situation. They didn’t jump into the controversy and make a statement about it, but they did take advantage of the opportunity to promote their brand. Yuengling has been around since 1829, and they have a long-standing reputation for making good beer. They are independently owned and family operated, which gives them an advantage over larger companies like Bud Light.

Whether Anheuser-Busch will regain its lost market value remains to be seen, and whether the controversy will die away. But one thing is for sure: Yuengling’s tweet has made its mark and shown that they are not afraid to dig at its competitors.

One other thing…Yuengling actually tastes good.

In conclusion, the recent feud between Yuengling and Bud Light highlights something that isn’t talked about too much in the media. Nike, Bud Light, and Jack Daniels are all international corporations that are now beholden to woke ideology. Now is the time to support local businesses, breweries, restaurants, and farmers. They aren’t beholden to the mob, they are your neighbors and they help your local economy. Yes, things cost a little more, and that’s tough in this economy but look what Walmart is doing in Arkansas.

The company, now in bed with globalists, forced local public schools to teach woke curriculum or they wouldn’t donate money.

Small businesses and small-town America may just save this country one more time.


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