USA Punks Russian Air Force – WATCH

NATO just gave Putin and his Air Force a little remember about who owns the skies.

As bad as giving Ukraine a blank check without accountability, it is unacceptable for any foreign military to push us around.

It was good to see somebody with a brain show that the USA has guts for once.

In recent weeks a Russian fighter crashed one of our drones and recently harassed one of our B-52 bombers.

From the Associated Press:

American B-52 Stratofortress bombers flew over all 30 NATO countries on Friday in an exercise the U.S. military said was meant to demonstrate the alliance’s solidarity, amid growing signs of cracks.

The U.S. military later said that two Russian military planes conducted an unsafe intercept of a B-52 over the Black Sea on Friday. NATO on Monday said a Russian fighter committed a significant violation of airspace of a NATO nation while intercepting another U.S. B-52 over the Baltic Sea, also on Friday.

Four of the long-range jet bombers based in Britain were flying over European members of NATO, integrating along the way with several partner nations’ fighters and refueling aircraft. Two other Stratofortresses based in North Dakota were flying over Canada and the United States.

After watching how a Russian pilot attempted to get close to the drone and dump fuel on it, I’d be pretty nervous if I was a B-52 pilot.

Somebody clearly had a little too much vodka before he took off.

According to NATO the B-52s are taking part in a planned excise, except this time, NATO forces decided to remind Russia who owns the skies. The B-52s were surrounded by fighters, and there wasn’t a Russian fighter to be seen.


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