Vanna White Lawyers Up, Big Time Drama At Wheel of Fortune – Watch

Vanna White, the longtime letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune, has reportedly lawyered up after it was announced that Ryan Seacrest would be taking over as host of the show.

According to a report by Puck News, White has hired Bryan Freedman, a high-powered entertainment attorney, to represent her in contract negotiations with Sony Pictures Television, the show’s production company.

The report says that White is seeking a significant pay raise in order to stay on the show. She is currently reportedly paid around $3 million a year, but she is said to be seeking a salary closer to Seacrest’s, which is estimated to be around $15 million a year.

However, the report suggests that White is serious about staying on Wheel of Fortune. She is one of the most recognizable faces on television, and she is a valuable asset to the show. It is likely that Sony Pictures Television will be eager to keep her on board.

The report also comes at a time when Wheel of Fortune is facing some challenges. The show’s ratings have been declining in recent years, and it is facing increasing competition from other game shows, such as Jeopardy! and The Price is Right.

Seacrest’s appointment as host is seen as a way to revitalize the show. He is a popular and well-respected figure in the entertainment industry, and he is expected to bring a new energy to the show.

“I’m truly humbled to be stepping into the footsteps of the legendary Pat Sajak. I can say, along with the rest of America, that it’s been a privilege and pure joy to watch Pat and Vanna on our television screens for an unprecedented 40 years, making us smile every night and feel right at home with them,” Seacrest said in a statement.

“Pat, I love the way you’ve always celebrated the contestants and made viewers at home feel at ease. I look forward to learning everything I can from you during this transition,” he added. “I can’t wait to continue the tradition of spinning the wheel and working alongside the great Vanna White.”

Vanna did come to an agreement with the show after some contentious negotiations.



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