Biden Team Sweats: Video From Hamas Attack In Israel Is Raising Question They Don’t Want To Answer

The Biden administration is anxious after the Hamas attack in Irsrali as the death toll continues to climb. Experts have weighed in on Tehran’s possible involvement and the Biden administration had just given them $6 billion.

Israel responded to the attack with “Operation Swords of Iron,” carrying out retaliatory strikes against Hamas targets. Many experts believe this could never have occurred without help from Tehran. Victoria Coates and Robert Greenway of The Heritage Foundation said in a statement: “We condemn the unprecedented and unprovoked terrorist attack on Israel coordinated by the Islamic Republic of Iran through its proxy Hamas.”

Iran is the world’s top sponsor of terror and has an extensive terror network in place to influence the Middle East. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has been outspoken about his stance on the budding relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel, warning against normalization.

The level of violence used by Hamas has left little doubt as to how Israel must respond. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared war and promised that “the enemy will pay an unprecedented price.” In response, Saudi Arabia issued a statement that called for de-escalation and an immediate halt to the violence.

The presence of a Saudi-Israeli relationship has been a driving force behind US interests in the Middle East. The Biden administration’s actions towards Iran have led to controversy; however, the administration negotiated a prisoner swap with Tehran that released $6 billion in oil funds.

Even Blinken didn’t sugarcoat it.

The response and implications of this conflict are still unknown. Jonathan Conricus, a former spokesperson for the Israel Defense Force, said: “This is an unprecedented multidimensional attack on Israel designed to kill and abduct civilians and soldiers. As the extent of Israeli casualties will be confirmed, I expect an Israeli response never seen before. This is just the beginning.”

But there’s another video is raising a lot of questions.

After the initial attack, there was a video of Palestinians celebrating in the street. A clip showed a little girl holding what appears to be an American M4. People want to know where did the American weaponry came from?

The world is now left wondering how far this conflict could escalate especially now that is has been learned many Americans were killed in the attack.



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