Chris Wallace Stunned What He Noticed About Trump Has The Left Freaking Out

After his embarrassing departure from Fox News, CNN has finally decided to give Chris Wallace something to do.

CNN had Wallace co-anchored the network’s Iowa Caucus coverage, and despite the TDS on full display, there was an observation that he made that had the left very nervous.

Below is a partial transcript:

CHRIS WALLACE: When he walked in the room, the reaction was electric! Everybody. There may be people here for a lot of other candidates. There was genuine excitement. Everybody stood up, gave him a standing ovation.

I completely agree with you. And it’s interesting. He’s not, at least the part that we heard so far. He’s not talking about 2020. He’s not talking grievance.

DANA BASH: Although I just heard somebody scream, “You didn’t lose.”

CHRIS WALLACE: Well, you can’t help the audience, but I mean he was exactly saying how much better the country was when he was president than it is now. And I think you’re going to see, I’m told, an increasing focus on Biden and a general election in a sense that assuming that he does well tonight, that the, you know, let’s get this nomination over with and unite and fight Joe Biden.

That’s it right there: During former President Trump’s speech, he didn’t bring up the past. He talked about uniting and how much better the country was when he was in office. That’s a huge problem for Biden.

Just go to the grocery store, and that’s all Trump has to say.

Look no further than an editorial post written by the New York Post:

By regularly griping about the supposed mystery of why so many voters say they prefer Donald Trump or another Republican, President Biden’s pundit backers mainly expose their own elitist ignorance.

Because if they’d been shopping to feed their families these last few years, they would have noticed the average grocery bill has shot up 25%.

And wage growth hasn’t remotely kept pace: It rose less than inflation for Biden’s first two years, and while the 2023 stats aren’t final, it wasn’t a ton better last year.

Inflation has eased some in recent months, but remains well above 3%  —  and may well spike back up as Houthi attacks on Red Sea shipping create new global supply-chain disruptions.

It really is all about the groceries.


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