Want To Drive? It’s About To Cost A LOT Of Money

New York City is moving forward with its highlycontroversial plan to charge huge tolls to drive into the mosttrafficked parts of Manhattan, in the hopes of decreasing traffic congestion and raising funds for its public transportation system.

The federal government has preliminarily approved the plan, but many residents aren‘t pleased about the possibility that they‘ll soon be paying an astronomically high price just to enter or leave Manhattan. Under one of the many tolling scenarios being considered, drivers could be charged as much as $23 per day for entering south of 60th Street.

The stated goal is to reduce traffic and encourage people to use public transportation, but the practical implications could be disastrous. Imagine workingclass New Yorkers who already have to struggle to make ends meet being charged an additional $100 a week to drive to and from work. This newpaytoplay plan could be the tipping point that drives even more people away from New York City, accelerating its shift to a city of wealthy elites with a few citizens from the lower classes.

The impact on tourism could be just as dire. With visitors already scarce due to the lingering effects of the pandemic restrictions, New Yorkers will have to contend with another reason to stay away: a hefty toll that many people simply can‘t afford. This could be the nail in the coffin for businesses and employers who are still trying to hang on despite the pandemic‘s savage economic blows.

Of course, all of these new fees won‘t be having an effect on the alreadywealthy upper echelon of Wall Street traders and hedge fund managers, who can hardly blink an eye at an extra $23 a day. They won‘t have to worry about crowding onto buses and subway trains, or wrestling their way back and forth to work through Manhattan‘s clogged roadways, either. In their chauffeured vehicles (likely not electric) they‘ll still enjoy a troublefree commute, buoyed by the knowledge that they‘re not paying a thing extra.

Adding more lanes to the roads and bridges of New York City might have solved the city‘s traffic congestion problems, but it would have been more inconvenient to the wealthy and difficult to pull off. Instead, the new tolling scheme allows them to keep their cushy lifestyle while simultaneously imposing an extra burden on those who are already struggling.

City officials are claiming that this plan will help reduce traffic and benefit the environment, but it remains to be seen if this plan will actually bear fruit in the end. In the meantime, it‘s just another example of how New York City is yet again pandering to its most privileged citizens while ignoring the needs of the workingclass population.


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