Watch: Biden Gaffe Was So Bad Aides Just Held Their Heads In Disbelief

You couldn’t make this up if you wanted to, Biden screwed up so bad reading the teleprompter all his aides could do was shake their heads.

While addressing the media Biden actually read the grammar prompts on the teleprompter.

Then, Biden ran from the media.

Biden has also become an international embarrassment recently he was gripping his flash cards during a “press conference.”

While in Rome, Joe Biden took part in a “press conference” however the questions were known in advance and flash cards were in hand. By the second question the president was clutching them preciously while trying to answer questions.

By the third question Biden held up the paper moving it back and forth trying to read who was supposed to call on next.

Joe claimed that he isn’t worried about the polls because they go “up and down.” Most polls yes, but not for Joe, they just keep going down.

If the administration thought that Biden press conference was going to instill confidence guess again. Biden answered using scripted talking points on his flashcards that blamed former President Trump for everything.

Biden was completely dependent on his flash cards and at one point – while answering a question from an ABC reporter – had to pause to read the talking points word for word. Biden was then asked about his meeting with the pope and spoke for a long period of time about his son Beau and then walked off the podium.

I’m not trying to be insensitive about Biden’s emotions regarding his son but the country is falling apart. Instead of taking questions from the press, he’s diatribing (stalling for time) so he isn’t held accountable.

You’ll need to move the video to the 1 hour 9-minute mark to watch, the White House has yet to make the video available (as of the writing of this post) on their youtube account.

Biden didn’t’ just embarrass the country during his press conference he actually admitted to French President Macron he’s clueless.

Biden told Macron that he was clueless and didn’t know France was being cut of the nuclear submarine deal signed with Britain and Australia.

“Well, the answer is: I think what happened was — to use an English phrase, what we did was ‘clumsy.’ It was not done with a lot of grace. I was under the impression certain things had happened that hadn’t happened,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript.



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