Watch: Dem Senator At College Bowl Game Gets Humiliated

Ever since former President Barak Obama Democrat politicians chase being celebrities and Democrat Senator Mark Kelly is no different.

Politicians think they are more popular than they actually are and that led to Kelly being humiliated during the Rose Bowl.

On January 2, 2023, Kelly and his wife Gabby Giffords took part in the coin toss at the Rose Bowl where Penn State competed against Utah.

First of all, why is an Arizona Senator taking part in a game where Utah and Pennsylvania are facing off in Southern California?

When it was time for the coin toss, Mark Kelly (phone in hand) was at midfield when the head referee called him “Senator Mark Lewis.”

If Kelly was as popular as he thought the referee wouldn’t have flubbed his name.

Kelly was also mocked for having his phone out.

As per tradition, the parade took place before the game and many also pointed out that Gifford and Kelly have nothing to do with the teams competing.


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