WATCH: We Told You Jill Has A New Boyfriend

This was weird, and the media has tried to pass over it.

Maybe this is why Joe Biden and Kalama Harris aren’t getting along.

The Second Gentleman really laid a smooch on the First Lady shortly before Biden took to the podium during the State of the Union.


The Second Gentleman doesn’t even kiss Kamala like that.

Lately, the First Lady has been seen hanging out with men and getting pretty cozy without Joe.

Also, to be clear, we are just having some fun.

Not long ago, First Lady Jill Biden made an appearance without Joe, and she appeared to be having a really, really good time.

The First Lady attended the game with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and they seemed to be enjoying themselves without Joe.

While Joe’s at home in the basement, Jill appears to be having fun.

What’s bizarre is that the NFC Championship game was the early game this year and finished before Joey’s bedtime (sarcasm, speculation, and yes, this is just a joke).

Well, Roger couldn’t save her from the uncomfortable reception she got. The First Lady was booed.

We know there is tension in the White House between the two executive offices but this is a whole new dynamic.

Joe may be oblivious about what’s going on in his marriage as he is about the true state of the Union.


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