Watch What The World Really Thinks Of Biden, Foreign Reporter Burst Into Tears Laughing

Mainly MSNBC is all a glow over Biden’s “historic” trip to Ukraine.

Below is an example…

The theater overseas was something out of the third world.

While Joe grandstands, Ohio and Pennsylvania are in the middle of a disaster.

MSNBC spox claimed Biden is now the savior of Europe.

But if you want to know what the world thinks, just watch the segment below from Sky News. After they report on Biden’s recent physical, they show a montongue of Biden vs. the teleprompter and can’t control themselves with laughter.

In reality, Biden is crumbling.

For example, below is a contributor to the New York Times criticizing Biden’s economic plan calling it impossible.

Additionally, below was a segment on CNN. Jake Tapper reported on a poll showing that a majority of Americans no longer support the blank check being sent to Ukraine. Make no mistake Tapper’s guest retired Gen Phil Breedlove seemed to insinuate he would love a full fledge US military intervention but there was one line that he got right. Biden said during his “historical” (sarcasm) speech that the US would stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. Breedlove asked, “As long as it takes to do what?”

He’s right about that. What is the end objective? What does success look like? Those are questions that Biden isn’t even capable of answering.

Biden is a joke and the world knows it.



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