WATCH: Woke Cover UP! NHL Trans-Gender Game Ends With Player In The Hospital

Who could have predicted this? (Sarcasm)

The even was supposed to grab headlines but instead it’s being brushed under the rug.

The NHL sponsored an event in Middleton, Wisconsin in late November called the Team Trans Ice Hockey draft.

During the game, a female-to-male transgender hockey player was seriously injured by a much larger male-to-female trans opponent during the tournament.

Danny Maki (biological woman transitioned to a man) was injured during what witnesses say was an accidental rough hit. Some say the video tells a different story, and many online are accusing Maki of trying to cover up what happened.

Maki, team black, was checked by a pink-and-blue-haired player who identity has yet to be revealed. The force caused Maki to fall and crash into the rink wall. The force was so jolting that the biological woman who had transitioned to a male was motionless. Maki was immediately put on a stretcher and taken to the hospital, and diagnosed with a concussion.

The very liberal far-left website VICE News had a full camera crew to document the event; however, they have yet to report on the game.

Quillette journalist Jonathan Kay was in the stands and is accusing the NHL, Vice, and Hockey New magazine of covering up the incident. He also slammed the NHL for giving Team Pink a “unfair advantage.”

Kay noted that the hit on Maki was fair and that players won’t bullying each other. He added that the hit didn’t look that hard but the size advantage is what caused the injury.

Kay wrote:

That someone was Team Black player #91, a self-described FTM (female-to-male transgender) player who was pushed to the ice by a much larger she/her member of Team Pink—#90, who self-describes publicly as “a bisexual trans woman”—with three minutes left in the first period. The contact doesn’t look particularly serious when you watch it on video. It may even have been entirely accidental. But the size imbalance between the two skaters was so great that the Team Black player ended up being propelled head first into the boards with enough force to deliver a concussion.

Kay also slammed whoever put the team together because Team Pink was much more male-to-female players than Team Black did. The game was so one-sided that Kay believed Team Pink was instructed to stop running up the score after Team Black’s goalie bursted into tears after Team Pink scored another goal.

What’s crazy is, on the one hand, you have strict concussion protocols coming out in professional sports like soccer and the NFL. But in the names of trans sports, it’s being brushed under the rug.

You can watch the impact below, it wasn’t that hard of a hit but the size difference was the difference. It does appear that the Maki’s head did squarely hit the wall.


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