What Jill Biden Just Did To The White House For Christmas Is Something Only A Crazy ‘Cat Lady’ Would Do

It is supposed to be a celebrated moment people will finally be allowed back in the White House to tour the Christmas decorations. They will find a White House that looks more like a home for the crazy cat lady.

For a moment, let’s walk back in time to the decorations former First Lady Melania Trump set up.

Below are just a few images showing Melania’s work:

Now let’s compare Melania to First Lady Jill Biden:

It is expected that 50,000 people will tour the White House this Christmas season, which includes 77 Christmas trees, including three that honor Gold Star Families. However, Jill’s display is nothing compared to Melania’s.

“The soul of our nation is and always has been “We the People.”  And that is — (applause) — yes.  (Laughs.)  And that is what has inspired this year’s White House holiday decorations,” the First Lady said opening the display.

“The values that unite us can be found all around you: a belief in possibility and optimism and unity.  Room by room, we represent what brings us together during the holidays and throughout the year. The Gold Star trees honor and remember those who laid down their lives for our country and the families who carry on their legacies.”

“In the Library, we celebrate how the stories we share bring us closer to each other, our history, and the world around us,” Biden touted. “In the Vermeil Room, we honor how the smallest acts of kindness and appreciation really do matter.”

“In the China Room, we remember family traditions passed down at dinner tables full of laughter. In the East Room, where we are right now, we highlight the national treasures that belong to all of us: the National Parks and the communion we find in nature.  So you can see them on all the mirrors if you look around you.  All the National Parks are celebrated. And in the Green Room, bells of all kinds remind us of the healing and unifying power of music.”


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