What Obama Just Said About Biden Rattles Dems

First off, you know this is going to infuriate President Biden when he hears about this.

Former President Barack Obama has commented on the upcoming 2024 presidential election, and he is concerned.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Those with concerns include former President Barack Obama, who “knows this is going to be a close race” and “feels that Democrats very well could lose” the 2024 election, according to a person familiar with his thinking. Obama worries that “the alternative is pretty dangerous for democracy,” the person said.

Biden’s approval numbers are terrible, part of his party is furious with him and now he’s facing a bipartisan showed with Congress over the border and foreign aid.

To boot, the Hunter Biden drama is heating up and it appears that the White House may not have been happy over his press conference recently.

The Biden administration wants voters to believe that the economy is great but, unlike Joe, they get a dose of reality when they go to the grocery store.

Look, after three years of being President Biden’s words are catching up with him. You can only get so far with words.

Meanwhile, polling appears to be going in former President Trump’s direction.

From the Dailymail:

A new Reuters/Ipsos poll this week – like many other polls over the past month – found Donald Trump in the lead.

Even more worrisome for Democrats, the poll shows independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. takes votes away from Biden and 60 percent of voters say they want another option when it comes to the 2024 presidential race.

But the looming election rematch next year between Biden and Trump would be closely fought with both candidates saddled with profound vulnerabilities that could cost them the White House.

The real question is, how committed are Democrats as things go bad for Biden?

Will Dems stay home if Trump is the nominee? Can the former President win over enough “independents?”



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