Woke Activists Beg For Mercy, They Released The Wrong Docs

The Republican news outlet the Washington Examiner was looking into a left-wing group that has been smearing Justice Clarence Thomas.

The executive director of “Fix the Court” Gabe Roth – a left group who recently went after Justice Thomas – was begging for mercy when he realized he accidentally sent the Washington Examiner an unredacted copy of the group’s taxes.

The documents containing the groups 2021 and 2022 unveiled the donors behind the organization. When Roth realized his mistake, he begged the outlet not to publish their findings.

“As you can see if you’ve reviewed the forms, I’m not a good fundraiser,” Roth, executive director of Fix the Court and a former vice president at the Democratic consulting firm SKDK, told the news outlet. “I’m not a good CPA. I’m a klutz. Schedule B is not something that is sent out, right? It’s not made public. Like, if you’re donating to a 501(c)(3), the IRS gets to see who donates to you, but the general public doesn’t.”

“I mean, basically, I’ve tried to donate money; I have failed,” Roth added. “I tried to raise money; I have failed. I have only two foundations that give me money, and if their names become public, they’re never going to talk to me again, and Fix the Court is over. My screwup this morning probably cost me my job.”

Ropth added, “I really just don’t know what to do here” and that he “just f***ed up in a minute” after the group had been operating for almost a decade.

“I screwed up,” Roth concluded.

From the Washington Examiner:

Fix the Court’s website, as of this writing, also now links to its full 990 forms — though does not include its Schedule B copies. It posted over $290,000 in revenue in 2021 and spent more than $142,000, according to financial disclosures. The group’s Schedule B for 2021 shows that it received the roughly $111,000 New Venture Fund grant and also $175,000 from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, a major liberal group launched in 1966 by Hewlett-Packard co-founder William R. Hewlett that has donated large sums to Planned Parenthood.

As far as its 2022 funders, the Washington Examiner can reveal that the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, which has supported climate groups and said in 2015 it had a “moral obligation” to divest from supporting pro-fossil fuel groups, gave $50,000 to Fix the Court, according to tax forms.

The Lebowitz-Aberly Family Foundation, an organization that has bankrolled pro-abortion causes and is affiliated with hedge fund manager Larry Lebowitz and Naomi Aberly, who once chaired the board of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, gave $35,000 to Fix the Court, according to tax forms. Tax forms also show that a group based in Pennsylvania called the Weinberg McCann Foundation gave $100,000 to Fix the Court.

The Washington Examiner goes into much greater detail and you can read the full report here. 


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