Woke School Official Smeared Dead Teen To Save Their Job

The tragic death of 14-year-old Adriana Kuch has shocked the nation and sparked outrage over the heartless actions of the superintendent of her school, Triantafillos Parlapanides. Adriana was beaten in the halls two days before taking her own life and Parlapanides has responded to questions about her death with smears against her grieving family.

In emails to DailyMail.com, Parlapanides claimed Adriana had been offered counseling “for drugs” and made a shocking allegation against her father, claiming he ‘had an affair’ when she was seven. He also claimed her poor choices in 7th and 8th grade were due to her mother’s suicide, which occurred when Adriana was seven.

Adriana’s father, Michael Kuch, a 22-year Army veteran, denied the superintendent’s claims and said that he and his wife had sought help for Adriana because she had been smoking marijuana with a vape – as many kids at the school did. Adriana had also been ruthlessly taunted about the attack on social media and received a direct message from one of the girls involved, taunting her about the video and the beating.

In addition to his emails, Parlapanides also defended himself on Facebook, claiming there are “two sides to every story.” He oversees three schools and has served as the superintendent for 14 years. Adriana’s father believes the school failed his daughter by not calling the police on the bullies after the attack and not properly responding to the cyberbullying she was experiencing.

The four girls involved in the vicious attack that was posted online were arrested until there was outrage from the community when Adriana sadly took her life.

The four girls have been charged with fourth-degree assault and disorderly conduct, but it is unclear if they will be prosecuted as adults or minors. Adriana’s family is now preparing for a private visitation today and her funeral tomorrow.

It is heartbreaking to think that Adriana’s death could have been prevented if the school had taken the bullying more seriously and had provided her with the support she needed. Woke experts like Parlapanides will allow drag queen story hour, the teaching of 1619 material, and CRT but they refuse to keep our kids safe.

In recent years school officials claim parents shouldn’t have rights if they disagree with woke curriculum but do nothing to keep children safe.

The school district and Parlapanides agreed that he resign but is still being paid his almost $200,000 salary.

“Dr. Parlapanides is still being paid,” said Kevin O’Shea, the district’s business administrator, in an email to the Asbury Park Press on Friday. “At the advice of our attorney, that is all that we can disclose at this time.”

Parlapanides appears to have a sweet gig where he can’t be fired and must be paid through 2025.

Under the terms of that contract, the superintendent cannot be dismissed or be subjected to a reduction in salary for the term of his contract — which expires on July 1, 2025 — unless he is indicted for a criminal offense, is found to have misrepresented his qualifications or educational credentials, or the superintendent and board mutually agree to his departure.


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