Brains Behind Trump Electors Plan, A Lib Dem, Fled Country, Set Up?

There was a heck of a report in the Washington Post and its all about the “brains” behind the Trump electors plan that has numerous Trump supporters under indictment.

According to the Washington Post, Kenneth J. Chesebro, is the “lawyer who allegedly marshaled supporters of President Donald Trump to pose as electors in states won by Joe Biden in 2020.”

He created the pretext for then-Vice President Mike Pence to delay Congress on 1/6.

Chesebro has not been named in any indictment whatsoever and left New York for Puerto Rico.

The man sort of disappeared.

The Washington Post described Chesebro as “a Harvard-trained lawyer once keen on liberal causes, and registered as a Democrat as recently as 2016, Chesebro may be the least well known of the small set of figures key to both indictments. His retreat from public life since Jan. 6 has deepened the mystery for former classmates and colleagues puzzling over how he became a central player in plans to reverse the outcome of a democratic election.”

“I think he was always pretty liberal,” relative Emory Erickson, Chesebro’s stepfather, said.

The New York attorney began working for the Trump campaign a few days after the election and organized the Trump electors plan.

After the event of 1/6, Chesebro started to disappear.

From the Washington Post:

In May 2022, two Biden electors and another Democrat in Wisconsin sued Chesebro, along with Troupis and the state’s 10 fake electors, arguing that they took part in a “civil conspiracy,” unlawfully assumed a public office and caused a public nuisance, in violation of state and federal laws.

Chesebro was initially served in the case at an apartment on Central Park in New York, according to a June 2022 filing in the case. But lawyers complained that he became difficult to locate after that, according to subsequent filings. A doorman at the plush New York apartment soon said he no longer lived there, one filing said.

In October, Napoli Shkolnik, a New York-based personal injury firm whose high-profile clients have included victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and residents of Flint, Mich., affected by the water crisis there, informed employees in an email that it had brought on Chesebro for an important role. Gloria Werle, the firm’s chief operating officer, wrote that Chesebro was “heading up our new Law & Motions Department” and that he and his wife were relocating to Puerto Rico, where some of the partners live. Chesebro’s work, according to the email, would include drafting “some of the firm’s most important filings.”

Then off to Puerto Rico he went.

Chesebro has been charged in the Fulton County, Georgia indictment, hasn’t been named in any other cases, but has testified before the 1/6 Committee.


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