CBS News Makes Correction After Segment Airs

Several pieces and new reports have come out in the past few days that all started with comments from a White House press briefing.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called the humiliating videos of Biden misinformation and dubbed them “cheap fakes.”

The media ran, and most recently, CBS News had to delete a segment because they altered a video to prove that the video was altered.

For some reason CBS News thought it was a good idea to blur out the widened footage of Biden speaking to a parachutes who had just landed then cut out the part when he started to wonder off.

In reality, they probably had to blur because the widened-out extended version wasn’t any better.

Next up, Politico’s West Wing Playbook reported that a Biden staffer said they are putting together a “task force” to deal with the viral videos of Biden.

Then something interesting happen on the same day, there was a change in the storylines.

It was noticed while pursuing The Hill.

Remember, the so called “cheap fakes” are clips of Biden messing up or looking confused. Now there are things called “deep fakes” which are fake videos creating using AI of events that either never happened.

Below is a screen shot, note the date the “article” was published.


So we scrolled down and what did we find?

One would assume it would be about some mischievous person creating deep fake videos of the President. Similar to the fake audio a far-left activist used in a robocall scam in New Hampshire (boy, did that story disappear like a fart in the wind).

Nope, it was a story about “cheap fakes.”

So what’s going on is that they are trying to blur the two definitions together to save face with low information people.

Matter of fact the report under the title “Biden Battles With Deep Fakes” says:


The rise of the videos, which do not use artificial intelligence (AI) but are cropped or edited in a way that is misleading, marks the latest instance of how technology may be used deceptively during the 2024 campaign.

The use of “cheap fakes” burst into the national spotlight in recent days thanks to a trio of clips involving Biden that quickly went viral and painted him as confused or unaware of his surroundings.

They are playing games folks.