Blackwell Sentenced In Looting Case

Dajiya Blackwell, a popular Philadelphia social media personality known as Meatball, has been sentenced.

Blackwell was accused of numerous charges, including burglary, conspiracy, criminal trespass, riot, criminal mischief, receipt of stolen property, and disorderly conduct. These charges were filed in the wake of mass looting that occurred in Philadelphia in 2023.

The incidents of looting were triggered when charges were dropped against a former police officer who had shot and killed Eddie Irizarry, a 27-year-old man.

Blackwell not only took part in the looting but also encouraged her Instagram followers to join in, livestreaming her activities and attracting her large online audience.

She was sentenced to five years probation and over 100 hours of community service, and a a fine of $10,000.

Blackwell, who has nearly 100,000 Instagram followers, celebrated her sentence on her platform, sharing videos of herself expressing relief and joy. She also humorously recounted an interaction with the judge relating to her necklace inscription.

She thanked her lawyer and supporters in a post, attributing her avoidance of jail time to their efforts. After her initial arrest, Blackwell had appealed to her fans to help fund her legal representation and also to support her brand by purchasing her merchandise.

Blackwell’s lawyer, Jessica Mann, expressed concerns about the media’s treatment of her client. Mann criticized what she perceived as a concerted effort to vilify black and brown individuals, taking particular issue with the publication of her client’s tear-filled mugshot. However, Blackwell herself chose to use this same image as her profile picture on social media.