Biden Comments On Israel During New York Visit


We previously reported about Biden’s bizarre ice cream claims while in New York.

The man was so encapsulated with his ice cream that he struggled to answer questions. Biden was asked about a ceasefire and went on the record to say one should start next week. His response surprised everyone, especially Israel, who had no idea what he was talking about.


Now Biden is walking it all back and it’s internationally embarrassing.

Of course all of this has backfired and has been a mess.

Israel gave Hamas until Ramadan to release the hostages, or they would invade Rafah. The New York Times reported on 2/27/24 that Hamas rejected a ceasefire proposal and as of the update of this post has not agreed to a ceasefire.

Below is a partial transcript of what the President said before departing before the border regarding the ceasefire:

Reporter: Do you expect a ceasefire by Monday, sir? Do you still expect a ceasefire is possible by Monday, sir?

President Biden: Hope springs eternal.

Reporter: And what is —

President Biden: I was on the telephone with the people in the region. I’m still — probably not by Monday, but I’m hopeful.

According to reports, Biden held separate calls.

“They exchanged views on how such a prolonged period of calm could then be built into something more enduring,” the White House said in readouts of the conversations. “They also discussed planning to surge humanitarian assistance into Gaza and how the ceasefire under the hostage deal would further help enable those efforts and ensure that assistance reached civilians in need throughout Gaza.”

It’s now May 2024 and Biden is still in the same mess.