Wash Po Report Finds Interesting Result In Swing States

How many times have we heard the left state that former President Trump is a threat to democracy?

Earlier in 2024, it was a huge talking point, and it gets thrown out from time to time.

Well, do we have a report for you!

A Washington Post poll asked voters who they thought would best defend our democracy. While it may seem natural to think, “Surely, it’s our current President, Joe Biden, isn’t it?” Brace yourselves, the poll results suggest otherwise. The majority of voters favor former President Donald Trump as the stronger defender of democracy, outstripping Biden by 11 points!

That’s right! This news might take a moment to sink in, particularly considering that President Biden won the 2020 elections in all six states where the poll was conducted. These states are Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The poll, conducted during April and May, surveyed over 3,000 registered voters, with a margin of error of about 2.9 percentage points.

What makes this report so sweat is something that the late, great Rush Limbaugh used to say.

Limbaugh would argue that polls are only to create news. So, what better for the Washington Post to release a poll showing voters in swing states think Trump is dangerous for democracy just before the debate.

Well…That backfired!

From Breitbart:

“Which candidate do you think would do a better job handling each of the following? Threats to democracy in the U.S.,” the Post and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University poll asked respondents:

Trump: 44 percent
Biden: 33 percent
Neither: 16 percent
Both: 7 percent

The poll sampled 3,515 registered voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from April to May with a ± 2.9 percentage point margin of error.

Biden’s main selling point for reelection has been his defense of democracy, and this poll seems to shake that foundation. This concern is amplified by the fact that Trump faced multiple legal issues and even a conviction by a Manhattan jury in May.

The twist in the tale is this: according to consistent polling data, voters are more concerned about other matters, including inflation, immigration, and crime. And guess who tops in those categories? Yes, it’s Trump again.