Libs Are Melting Down After Trump Arrest & You’ll Chuckle Why

One would have imagined the left would be dancing with glee that former President Trump was arrested for a fourth time.

They aren’t, matter-of-fact reality just hit them square in the face.

Dailywire contributor Matt Walsh put it best when he posted on social media, “Fani Willis is easily the most brilliant campaign manager Donald Trump has ever had. She might have just single handedly won him re-election.”

That is starting to dawn on the left.

They were so made they got snarky about the former President’s weight.

Like really mad!

The former president also shocked the internet when his first post on X (formerly Twitter) was an image of his mugshot.

The post is huge and let me explain why.

Since Trump refused to return to Twitter/X, Elon has made a lot of changes. One of those is that he is paying influencers for the amount of influencers for engagement they get. The move has increased interactions and some believe will decrease trolling.


If you post something and get trolled by a mass number of people you can earn off it.

Now we know how much the left likes to troll former president Trump on social media and response to his posts. Matter of fact, they are giddy to troll him…

Wait until they find out that Trump will be earning money of them trolling him. Heck, they the left trying to “own” the president on social media may pay his legal bills.

I cannot wait for the realization to hit the left that they are actually going to contribute to helping Trump earn money.


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