Hot Mic Picks Up Jill Biden When Joe Gets Lost & Confused – WATCH

Biden hosted an event at the White House to honor Black History Month and it didn’t go according to plan.

The last few Biden speeches have been full of gaffes, including the president screaming at the top of their lungs.

Recently Biden also said that he met with a French President who passed away in 1996.

Biden was attacking Trump and his supporters claiming they are trying to divide the country.

Biden said, “You’re telling me he doesn’t — democracy is not at risk? Embracing political violence — never since the Civil War has any president engaged in or said political violence was ever appropriate — political violence in America. Calling January 6th insurrections — you know what he calls them? ‘Patriots.'”

“Well, no, I — no, I’m — I’m se- — I mean, think about this. People have pled guilty,” Joe stammered. “You know, right — right after I was elected, I went to what they call a G7 meeting, all the NATO leaders. And it was in — it was in the south of England. And I sat down and I said, ‘America is back.’ And Mitterrand, from Germany — I mean, from France looked at me and said — said, “You know, what — why — how long you back for?”

Biden meant to say Macron and both people mention were leaders in France not Germany.

We’ve all seen Biden get lost after speaking, matter of fact he usually seems disoriented when he finishes his remarks after an event. This time First Lady Jill Biden was with and a hot microphone picked up how Jill directs the President.

Make sure you have the volume on it’s right at the beginning of the clip.


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