Pelosi Responds To GOP Video

Hello everyone! Have you ever wondered what went on behind the scenes during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021? Well, new footage released by House Republicans is shedding some light on that very topic. Let’s dive into the details!

In a video released on Monday by the House Oversight Subcommittee, we see former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during the chaos of the Capitol riot. The video captures her acknowledging her responsibility for not ensuring that law enforcement and the National Guard were prepared for the intense situation that unfolded.

The footage, shared on X, shows Pelosi being evacuated from the U.S. Capitol. Riding in the back of a vehicle with her staff, she discusses the riot and expresses her frustration over the absence of the National Guard. “We have responsibility, Terri,” she tells her chief of staff, Terri McCullough. Pelosi’s irritation is clear as she questions why the National Guard wasn’t there from the start, suggesting that there was a lack of accountability.

At one point, McCullough tries to explain, saying authorities believed they had sufficient resources. But Pelosi interrupts, asserting that it wasn’t about what authorities thought—they simply didn’t know, and she admits she should have ensured they were prepared for more.

This video is just a snippet from 45 minutes of footage that the House Oversight Subcommittee recently obtained. It’s crucial because it provides a candid look at Pelosi’s reaction and thoughts during one of the most chaotic moments in recent U.S. history.

For over three years, Democrats, including Pelosi, have accused former President Donald Trump and his supporters of attempting to overturn the 2020 election results and inciting an insurrection. Pelosi herself endorsed the creation of the House January 6 Select Committee, which spent months investigating the day’s events and gathering testimonies from Capitol Police officers and former Trump officials. This committee eventually recommended insurrection charges against Trump.

When the video came out Pelosi almost ran to MSNBC.

“They’re trying to do revisionist history on January 6. We cannot let us be dragged into their again false impression of what happened that day,” she said.

Interestingly, Trump is also facing trial in Washington, D.C., for alleged election interference. However, this trial is not expected to begin until after the 2024 presidential election. Trump has pleaded not guilty to these charges brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

House Republicans have also weighed in, issuing a report in 2022 on the Capitol breach. Their findings suggested that Democrat leaders were wary of deploying the National Guard due to concerns about the “optics” following the Summer 2020 Black Lives Matter protests. This delay resulted in the National Guard taking about four hours to respond and send troops to the Capitol.

Trump has pointed fingers at Pelosi, claiming she was responsible for the January 6 riot. Earlier this year, he stated, “I think it was an insurrection caused by Nancy Pelosi.”

Pelosi’s office responded to the recently released footage, asserting that independent fact-checkers have repeatedly confirmed she did not plan her own assassination on January 6. Her spokesperson highlighted that the full footage shows Pelosi springing into action to defend the Capitol, urging the National Guard’s deployment, and coordinating the continuity of government. They dismissed the clip as cherry-picked and out of context, emphasizing that the Speaker of the House is not in charge of Capitol security.

So there you have it, folks! This newly-released video offers a glimpse into the tense and chaotic moments experienced by Pelosi during the Capitol riot and underscores the complexities and responsibilities faced by leaders during such unprecedented events.