Here We Go: The Fires Have Started Pro-Hamas Riot, Protests Spread Outside Colleges

Well, that didn’t take long.

Not long after college encampments were cleared and buildings seized by nutjobs were retaken, the fires started.

In Portland, Oregon, police officials are launching an investigation into a group named after a pro-Palestinian activist who took responsibility for torching 17 police vehicles.

The group called the “Rachel Corrie’sGhost Bridgade” said the attack was in response to police clearing out protestors in Portland State University’s Millar Library.


Also Monday, a group calling itself “Rachel Corrie’s Ghost Brigade” said people had cut through a fence at the bureau’s training facility and set 10 fires in anticipation of a police response at Portland State University’s Millar Library.


Meanwhile, the protests are not going anywhere.

They have continued at the University of Chicago.

They are also continuing in NYC:

According to an update by reporter Bill Melugin UCLA is still struggling forcing classes to be cancelled.


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