Paul Ryan Gives In-depth Interview With Cavuto

Hold onto your hats because the political scene just got even more turbulent! Former House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is now a member of the Fox Corporation Board of Directors, had some choice words about the upcoming presidential election and they aren’t going over well. Speaking on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Ryan went out and did as much destruction as he could when he expressed his disappointment with the presidential candidates for November.

Host Neil Cavuto posed a tough question to Ryan, highlighting the unprecedented situation where we could see a former president and a president’s son, both convicted criminals, vying for the highest office. Ryan’s response? A blunt acknowledgment of the grim choices ahead for American voters. “In a country with 350 million people, this is the choice we have,” he lamented. Like many Americans, Ryan wishes for better options than those currently presented.

Ryan reminisced about what might have been, pointing out that Nikki Haley, if she had stayed in the race, might have had a significant lead over Biden. He speculated that she could have won by a substantial margin, hinting at the lost potential in the current political landscape.

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But Ryan’s criticisms didn’t stop there. He described the race as incredibly tight, with both candidates being far from ideal. He expressed regret that the primary voters’ selections led to what he views as poor choices for the nation’s leadership. His frankness set off a chain reaction, particularly among Trump’s staunch supporters.

Enter Rep. Troy Nehls (R-Texas), a loyal Trump supporter, who didn’t hold back his anger towards Ryan. In an explosive interview with CNN’s Manu Raju, Nehls called Ryan a “piece of garbage” for his comments about Trump. Nehls was outraged by Ryan’s refusal to support Trump, accusing him of betraying the party and the conservative movement. Nehls urged Ryan to stop “spouting his mouth off” and to respect the leader of the Republican Party, Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan who claims to be a conservative said he’s not supporting Trump which means he supports Biden’s policies. So Ryan is pro-Hamas, pro-inflation, pro-high food prices, pro-choice, and woke.