Biden To Hold Press Conference

Recently, the White House was buzzing with a significant announcement. John Kirby and Karine Jean-Pierre revealed that President Joe Biden will finally participate in a comprehensive press conference later this week.

Since taking office, Biden has received a lot of flack for not participating in press conferences, and when he does, it’s scripted.

Biden is a serious contrast to former President Trump, who held frequent press conferences and gaggles with the press. President Biden’s team has made the president available to the press corps infrequently and usually only for a limited number of questions. The upcoming press conference addresses growing public concerns about President Biden’s cognitive abilities to lead the nation effectively. With mounting pressure, the White House seems to have no option but to subject the president to extensive and spontaneous media scrutiny.

However, what was really odd not the announcement but how they framed it.

Both KJP and John Kirby called the event a “Big Boy” press conference.

Biden is struggling with credibility, and they are calling it a “Big Boy” conference.

Is this veiled sabotage or what!?

After that, the president will hold a press conference. I guess a big boy press conference is what we’re calling it,” Kirby said.

I know Democrats are realizing this for the first time, but we’ve watched Biden clutch his precious cards. Now what is he going to do?


Talk about infantilizing Biden.

It’s as bad as when the Biden team held a small after party/rally for Joe after the debate and Jill Biden took over.

Jill told Joe he “did such a great job! You answered every question!”

The fact that his staff was even comfortable calling it a big boy conference makes you wonder what they say and do behind closed doors.

The other question is, are they going to push Biden out there and let him self-destruct?

The old adage problems take care of themselves.