WATCH: WH Gate Swarmed, Airbase Mobbed, But Here’s What Biden Did

A massive protest swept through Washington DC recently, and it was mainly ignored by the mainstream media.

During the protest, a group traveled to the northwest entrance of the White House carrying antisemitic banners and Palestinian flags. The group passed the perimeter and defaced the White House gate with red paint.

The group also desecrated statues.

As the group marched down Pennsylvania Ave they sprayed graffiti on buildings:

A building in Washington D.C. was vandalized with graffiti messages reading, “Death to Israel” and “Glory 2 the Martyrs,” among other antisemitic messages, the Israeli embassy to the United States reported.

“In our backyard: “Death to Israel” and “Glory to our Martyrs,” among other violent antisemitic graffiti spotted in Washington DC. #WhereIsTheOutrage,” the embassy said in an X post Saturday.

The footage showed a series of graffiti messages reading, “Free Gaza” and “F–k Israel.”

On November 5, thousands of anti-Israel protestors stormed the Incirlik Air Base that houses US troops in Turkey amid an upcoming visit of Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Turkish security forces worked to disperse the crowd and kept them from storming the base.

In St. Louis a group of Anti-Israel protesters attack Jewsih people who were carrying an Israeli flag. One thing to note in the video, when the mob stomps on the flag, note some of the ages in the group. Some can’t be more than 10 or 11.

Joe decided to head back to Delaware:


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