‘The Rock’ Clarifies, Conservatives Would Be Wise To Listen To What He Says About Dems

Recently, actor and former WWE superstar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast.

At one point the two delved into politics, and Johnson walked back a claim about his friends that was very telling.

As the two discussed political division in the United States, Johnson said that he had some friends who supported Biden as well as Trump. But Rogan followed up and asked, “Do you really have friends who support Biden?”

“Do you really have friends who support Biden?” – a question that led the former WWE Champion to break out in laughter.

“No no no no,’ he said, adding: ‘Thank you, that’s a good check, because that’s important, this is important context.”

‘They support the Democratic Party,” Rogan answered for him, as Johnson said: “I have friends who are loyal to the party.”

Wisely Johnson would not state who he supports but his “clarification” is something that the GOP should understand.

Before we go further, below is another example.

After Democrat Senator Bob Menendez was indicted on corruption charges, a poll showed that his approval rating among Democrats in his state of New Jersey was 12%. But when Democrats in New Jersey were asked if they would vote for a Republican over Menendez (should he not resign) 35% of Democrats said they’d still vote for Menendez.

Why would Dems vote for Menendez over a GOP candidate? They are loyal to the party, not Menendez.

This is why conservatives should not be hoodwinked by polls about Biden’s approval rating or any other such nonsense, which is why you never see Biden upset by the polls. Allegedly Menenez was taking gold bar payments from a foreign country, and Dems would still vote for him over a Republican.

The same goes for Joe, they can’t stand him, but they’ll still support him.




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