Biden Turns Into A Mess: Yelling, Mumbling, & A Slip Of The Tongue – WATCH

Recently President Biden met with Xi Jinping in California and it was quite a sight to behold.

Frist off, who knew San Franciso could be so cleaned up quickly which is a condemnation of the local Democrat-controlled leadership. Also, where did all those people go?

After doing some quick research we found a ton of articles from the mainstream media reporting on how clean the city is however, no one said where all the homeless people went.

Then you got Biden who conducted a press conference from “pre-selected” reporters but he still managed to screw things up.

The man had his trusty cards with preselected reporters and he stilled messed it up.

Then Biden started rifting and been blabbing about plans in Israel and the war in Gaza. Apparently there has been some negotiations but and Joe almost slipped.

Then Biden really slipped, he disrespected Xi (which is sort of funny). All Secretary Blinken could do is shake his head as Biden agreed that Xi Jinping is a dictator. Folks, there went the rest of the meeting…LOL!

After that Biden yelled at the press and mumbled.


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