What The Heck Did Biden Just Say? They Gotta Fix This – WATCH

Well this is interesting.

During the APEC 2023 summit, Biden gave remarks during an Informal “Working Lunch.”

“We contributed a lot here in the United States over the year — the last 300 years.  That’s why I’m working with our Congress to dramatically increase international climate financing,” Biden said. “And this year, the world is on track to meet the climate finance pledge that we made under the Paris Agreement of $100 billion collectively.”

“I’ve also asked Congress for another $25 billion to strengthen the role of the multilateral development banks in fighting the climate crisis as well as — as well as starting with the World Bank.  Because climate security, energy security, and food security — they’re all related, as all of you know.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know,” Biden added.

But below is how it sounded…

What happened?

Seriously, Biden’s handlers need to stop this from happening, he is the President of the United States hosting an international summit. You make sure the guy knows where to go.

I don’t know what changed between the two videos below. However, in the first one you’ll see a very confused Biden. The second video shows that Biden put in a black ear piece. It could presumed that the ear piece was there to do direct Biden.

Here’s another Biden gem.


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