Biden Power Grab Worries Everyone Dems & GOP Join To Stop

There is a huge debate going on and it could change the dynamics between the National Guard and the newly formed U.S. Space Force.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken the lead, having expressed strong opposition to a proposal that might allow members of the Air National Guard to be shifted into Space Force roles without their respective governors’ consent. Governor Abbott has been vocal about his concerns, labeling the proposal as an “intolerable threat” to the National Guard. He even went so far as to describe it as a “power grab” in a recent letter to President Biden.

This isn’t just a minor bureaucratic shuffle; it’s about who gets to make significant decisions regarding the National Guard. Typically, the governors of each state have command over their National Guard units, ready to respond to anything from natural disasters to civil disturbances. However, this new proposal would give the Secretary of the Air Force the power to transfer these units directly to the Space Force, bypassing state governors completely.

In response, Governor Abbott, alongside dozens of other governors, penned a letter to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin in April, urging him to scrap this plan. They argued that it would undermine their authority and potentially jeopardize the readiness and efficiency of the National Guard units.

Abbott isn’t alone. Congress has jumped into the debate as well, and it’s not along party lines. A significant group of 85 House and Senate members, led by Representatives Jason Crow and Joe Wilson, along with Senators Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper, have echoed these concerns. They’ve sent a letter to the leaders of the House and Senate Armed Services committees, asking them to reject this shift during their upcoming considerations of the annual defense policy legislation.

This opposition isn’t just about keeping control at the state level; it’s also about preserving the dual role of the National Guard in national security and state emergency responses. The lawmakers said that when individuals sign up for the National Guard, they’re committing to serve both their country and their community.

The debate is heating up as all 50 governors are coming together in a rare moment of unity to oppose the Air Force’s plan. This sets the stage for a significant showdown in Congress as they prepare to debate the National Defense Authorization Act.


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