WATCH: Amsterdam Police Show How To Deal College Hamas Rioters

Apparently, the United States is exporting its protests on college campuses to Europe. Thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators took to the streets of the Dutch capital, and the situation escalated quickly, especially around Amsterdam University.

The protests started peacefully with hundreds gathering, chanting slogans like “Free, Free Palestine!” and “The people united will never be defeated.” They were protesting against the ongoing war in Gaza and Israel’s military operations. Student protests like these have been popping up all over Europe, though they’re much smaller compared to those in the United States.

Things took a turn when protesters started shenanigans at the Holocaust Monument on their way to the city center. Police intervened, using batons to keep the crowd from moving forward. At a central university location, protesters even barricaded a road facing the canal, which led to a stand-off.

The university administration told police to move in after the initial student protest had escalated into hostility, with fireworks thrown, beatings, and even an Israeli flag being burned. They’ve tried to address the protesters’ demands by providing a list of their programs related to Israel, but woke mob continued to escalate.

Amsterdam police did not mess around and used a bulldozer to knock down barricades and detained 169 people during what turned out to be sometimes violent clashes. Videos circulating online show the rough scenes from the protests. In response, teachers and university staff called for another protest to express their dissatisfaction with the police’s approach.

Police defended their actions as necessary to restore order and ensure safety, noting that the demonstrators had ignored requests to leave the campus. Most of the detained protesters have been released, but four remain in custody facing charges.

Oh and if Biden was hoping the protests in the United States were going to slow down. Below is a video of a rally that reportedly took place in New York City.


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