Disgraced Woke AG Gets Hammered In Court, She’s In BIG, BIG Trouble

She’s in big, big trouble.

You may remember former Baltimore State Attorney Marilyn Mosby from the Freddy Gray incident. Her rhetoric caused a portion of the city to burn to the ground and led a failed crusade against police officers.

Baltimore’s former top prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, could face up to five years in prison for perjury and up to 30 years in prison for making false mortgage applications. The charges against her are related to vacation home purchases in Florida, which she allegedly certified were for coronavirus hardship relief when in fact she did not face any adverse financial consequences from the pandemic.

Now, Mosby’s legal defense has faced a major setback as her attorney, A. Scott Bolden, has withdrawn from her case. Bolden said that he needs to focus on defending himself from the contempt of court charge after cursing while airing criticisms of the court and sharing confidential jury information. The other attorneys on the legal team have also asked for a public defender to be appointed.

“In order to do so, Mr. Bolden must, understandably, focus on his own interests, not the interests of his client, Ms. Mosby,” the filing states. “The representation of Mr. Bolden (and the entire Reed Smith team) will be—and indeed already has been—materially limited as a result of Mr. Bolden’s justified personal interest in the outcome of his own prospective contempt proceeding before the Court.”

The charges against Mosby are serious and could lead to a lengthy prison sentence if she’s convicted. Her legal team’s setback is a major blow to her case, as they must now scramble to find a new attorney to represent her. It will be a difficult task, as the other attorneys must now find someone who is both competent and willing to represent her in a high-stakes case.

Furthermore, there is the issue of whether the other attorneys and the public defender will be able to adequately represent Mosby. Without Bolden’s expertise, Mosby’s legal team is likely to face an uphill battle in defending her against these charges.



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