Elon Musk’s One-Liner Mocking The Media Has Them LIVID, Hit Close To Home

So now, according to the left, if you approve of carbon tax credits but mock Joe Biden and woke leftists, you are one of the “MAGA kooks.”

Recently, Musk took heat for agreeing with the carbon tax and got some pushback on the right over his statement. It’s not a big deal. Elon is reasonable, and I’m sure there’ll be a debate about it.

Leftists later called him one of the “MAGA kooks” for funding a lawsuit against Disney and allowing Tucker to use X (formerly Twitter).

However, what happened in the days that followed is hilarious.

The left is just freaking out that Tucker Carlson got to interview Putin.

Independent Journalist Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi have defended Tucker doing the interview and criticized the drive-by media.

***Foul language warning*** Also, if you are chewing or drinking, swallow first because you are going to laugh out loud.

On the evening of February 6, 2024, Greenwald asked a rhetorical question, asking if any American journalists had conducted a “minimally adversarial” interview about Ukraine.

“To be fair, it’s hard for them to talk while giving a bl**job at the same time,” Elon said, commenting on Greenwald’s social media post.

We’ll place the screenshot at the bottom of the post in case it gets deleted.


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