Libs Plan To Take Down Conservative Websites Backfires Hits Them The Hardest

If you weren’t aware, there is an entire left-wing activist group targeting conservative websites and TV networks doing everything they can to pressure companies not to advertise on their site.

Conservative commentator and former Fox News host Dan Bongino famously went to war with a left-wing activist who got his site demonetized (ads taken down so he couldn’t make money) along with the Dailywire.

Activists have routinely targeted companies to force them to stop advertising on “right-leaning” websites.

However, when these companies bow to activists, often their decisions go viral, prompting backlash. Disney is still reeling after pulling their ads off Twitter when activists pressured them to dump the social media site.

Folks, if you only knew the censorship going on right now and how we have to navigate it. 

So companies have started making decisions that certain topics they are just going to avoid altogether because they don’t want to the pressure from the left, and they don’t want to end up like Bud Light.

Instead, they have opted to tell marketers to blacklist certain topics altogether so their ads don’t populate on anything that could affect their bottom line.

There is just one unintended consequence: it’s killing left-wing media and news companies like the New York Times.

The wizards of smart at the left thought they were going to crush the right have ended up bringing severe damage to places like the New York Times.

The Times missed its revenue goal because marketers are black listing topics like the “Middle East” because they don’t want controversy.

From The Wrap:

In the fourth quarter of 2023, digital advertising revenue decreased 3.7% year-over-year, which the Times attributes to five fewer days in the quarter compared to 2022, as well as declines in revenue from podcasts and creative services.

Total advertising revenue in the fourth quarter came in lower than expected, attributed to the decline in print ad revenue. The Times said that their digital advertising revenue was impacted by “marketers avoiding some hard news topics like the Middle East conflict,” which the outlet covers relentlessly.

The left’s own activism is crushing mainstream media companies that are laying off people left and right. Folks, you don’t hear about layoffs at the Dailywire or Breitbart News.


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