Conservatives Shocked Over New Speakers Stance On Ukraine

Considering McCarthy was dumped because of his position on Ukraine spending, this is certainly a significant development.

Johnson told Fox News host Sean Hannity, who is now all in on Ukraine that he agrees Ukraine should continue to receive funding.

However, Johnson said that he is not going to back President Biden’s $106 billion aid package for both countries. The new Speaker of the House said that he wants the packages split and he wants to know what the objective in Ukraine is and the “end game.”

The White House has not provided that,” he added.

Biden is betting that including money for Israel and immigration will help convince House Republicans wary of sending additional money to Ukraine to support the measure.

“Israel is a separate matter – we are going to bring forward a standalone Israel funding measure (of) over $14 billion,” Johnson said in the interview.

Biden did meet with Mike Johnson and after insisted Congress won’t “abandon” Ukraine.

The AP reported that Johnson said, “House Republicans would first bring a separate bill to provide $14.5 billion in aid to Israel, but they need more information about the Biden administration’s Ukraine strategy.

Just a rewind, Gaetz accused McCarthy of “cutting a side deal to bring Ukraine legislation” in a separate vote after the stopgap to keep the government funding going for another month.

After the stopgap, Gaetz, still claiming a there was a secret deal to fund Ukraine in a separate vote, moved to remove McCarthy as Speaker.

What changed? Now all of a sudden, nobody at the House seems to be blinking an eye at funding Ukraine and still want a separate bill.


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