A Lovers Cruise Has Turned Trump Case On It’s Head, Fani’s Case May Go Up In Smoke

A recent court filing by a Trump co-defendant has turned explosive.

Attorneys who represent Michael Roman have claimed that DA Willis is having an affair with her Fulton County Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade.

The Atlanta Journal constituation reported that neither Wade nor Willis have denied the relationship.

One big problem is that DA Willis broke the rules in the appointment of Special Prosecutor to benifit Wade. The filing claims that Willis did not correctly represent how she would use Fulton County funds to eliminate the backlog of legal cases pending from the pandemic.

The other big problem is that DA Willis was benefiting from the funds given to the Special Prosecutor who has received “almost $1,000,000 in legal fees” from the county. According to allegations, some of those funds paid for extravagant vacations for the two.


The filing alleges that Wade pushcased tickest for the both of them to travel on a Norweigan and Royal Carribean cruise lines.

There also seem to be some billing issues.

Andrew Fleischman, a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, said if the allegations are true the arrangement would be a clear violation of the State Bar of Georgia’s code of ethics for lawyers.

“If you are giving money to somebody who appears to be unqualified, and they are giving you some of that money back in the form of summer vacations, then you’re financially benefiting from your prosecution,” he said. “That’s a conflict of interest.”

We didnt’ get into the fact that Wade’s billing records also disclosed that he has visited the White House twice.

Willis better becarful she’s about to end up like Marlyn Mosby.


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