CNN Columnist Piece Is Getting A Lot Of Attention

CNN columnist, reporter, and former writer Jill Filipovic recently wrote a piece in the New Statement that is receiving considerable attention.

According to Jill having or wanting a family with strong moral values is fascist.

A couple things about Jill, she really doesn’t like men and she’s not a fan of kids either.

Just go read her substack where she writes over a thousand words about how children upend friendships and how she doesn’t want them to ruin her life.

Honestly, after reading a few of Filipovic’s pieces I must say, let’s be glad she’s not procreating.

In her recent piece, she slammed Alabama Senator Katie Britt for appealing to moms.

Below is a long excerpt for context:

Britt introduced herself as the US senator from Alabama, then clarified: “That’s not the job that matters most. I am a proud wife and mom of two school-age kids.” She made “a direct appeal to the parents out there and in particular to my fellow moms, many of whom I know will be up tossing and turning at 2am wondering how you’re going to be in three places at once and then somehow still get dinner on the table”. She brought up the kitchen table more than once (“It’s where we laugh together, and it’s where we hold each other’s hands and pray for God’s guidance”). Children, kitchen, church: these were the foundations of Britt’s speech. They were also, according to Nazi ideology, the central tenets of women’s lives: kinderküchekirche.

Across much of the developed world, panic is spreading about low birth rates, and self-identified “pro-natalists” are advocating for women to have more babies to halt population decline. If we don’t boost births, they argue, economies will suffer. Some claim that cultures will suffer too, which is why liberal immigration laws are rarely proposed by population Chicken Littles. At the same time, conservative states in the US are banning or tightly restricting abortion, while right-wing groups are setting their sights on fertility treatments and contraception, too.

The aim is clear: force women to have babies, whether they want to or not. It is a modern version of what was made appallingly explicit in the Nazi era: an ideology that wants more reproduction from certain kinds of people, and leaders who understand that women must be subjugated in order to carry out that vision.

What is she talking about?

So, to be clear, if you don’t believe in Filipovic, you are a fascist.

If you are a man wanting to provide for your family well that’s tied to facism as well according to this very bitter woman.

Here’s another excerpt:

Today’s Republican Party is stocked with and supported by people who wring their hands about the declining white birth rate; who suggest that it was a bad idea to give women the right to vote and that no-fault divorces should end. Who argue that mothers should be in the home, not in the paid workforce; that birthright citizenship should be ended so American-ness can be reserved for a select few.

Here’s the funny thing: except for the extremists on social media going for clicks (which are an incredible minority, and some are prob even paid disrupters to prove this point), most of those who I know that are expressing want to be home are woman.

Jill writes, “The ideal woman as submissive homemaker and obedient child-bearer, and the ideal man as dominant patriarch, is a model that authoritarian regimes emulate in law and governance. It is a very old model. And it is one that is seemingly endlessly resurrected by men in search of total power.”

You tell my wife who would love to be home that she’s a “submissive homemaker and obedient child-bearer” let me know how that goes.

Let also remember the good old Jill has also written that having children is the worst thing you can do for the planet.

Let’s all be glad Jill practice what she preaches.