Nicolle Wallace Comments On Biden Videos

The left is hitting DEFCON 1-level freakout over videos of Biden lately, and there is a reason for it.

Biden has serious issues going on with his campaign, and the White House is doing everything it can to shore up its base because some reports claim that Biden is losing in normally dominant Democrat demographics.

There was also a devastating Wall Street Journal report, which used Democrat members of Congress as sources to detail that Biden is having cognitive issues. Additionally, there have been mumbling reports from donors concerned about Joe’s abilities.

So what does Biden’s team do? Tell their base (that will believe anything they tell them) that these videos of Biden aren’t true and that they are “cheap fakes.”

They had to give their base something to combat the videos with because they are devastating. I didn’t even think the most recent one with Obama guiding Joe off the stage was that bad. It’s like “thank God they finally got someone to get him off stage without looking like a dithering idiot.”

The clips from the G7 Summit though were devastating.

The White House is creating a conspiracy to calm their base down which gave the media marching orders. Outlets from the Washington Post to MSNBC are claiming that videos of Biden are “cheap-fakes.”

Including, MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace.

Yup, Wallace wants you to know that, “There’s a growing & insidious trend in right-wing media … to take highly misleading & selectively edited videos of Pres. Biden … and use those videos to spread messages virally to cast doubt on Pres. Biden’s fitness for office.”

So this weird exchange would be what Wallace would say isn’t real. Folks, just watch the video, then watch everyone’s reaction in the background.

Also, here’s what happened the last couple of times Biden was interviewed by Wallace.

Please note that Tom Elliott from Grabien News did edit the clip below to shorten the entire segment, which was several minutes long.

By the way the Biden in the video above is hands down more aware then the Biden we have now.