Biden’s Trip To Ohio Is Going To Be Interesting After What Mayor Said

Well, this should be fun to watch.

President Biden has finally decided to visit East Palestine, Ohio, a year after the incident, and his welcoming may be about as good as the one he just got in Michigan.

Mayor Trent Conaway told Fox News, “The best time for Biden to visit would be February 2025 when he’s on his book tour.”

“I 100% stand by the comment about the book tour. I think that’s the best time for him personally,” the mayor said. “I think the best time for him to come would have been whenever this happened.”

When the incident occurred, Conaway requested the Biden administration to visit; however, after months went by, he got more frustrated.

From Townhall:

Initially, Conaway welcomed Biden to East Palestine, sending a letter to the president suggesting he was open to federal assistance. However, as months went by without a response from Biden, the mayor’s frustration with the administration grew. 

He has criticized the Biden Administration’s lack of help and resources and Norfolk Southern— the company responsible for the train derailment. 

Biden was asked about going in September of 2023 but said he was too busy.

“I haven’t had the occasion to go to East Palestine yet; there’s a lot going on here, and I just haven’t been able to break,” Biden had said. “I was thinking I’d go to East Palestine this week, but then I was reminded that I’ve literally got to go around the world. I’m going from Washington to India to Vietnam to… and so it’s going to be wild.”

Biden has also traveled to Michigan, where he wasn’t exactly greeted with open arms.


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