One Pic Explains Why Biden Is So Terrible

They say a “picture is worth 1,000 words.”

Well this one is probably worth at least 2,000 maybe more.

The Biden administration is a mess because they like to have it both ways.

For example, we are building a temporary port to help Gaza while we send weapons to Israel. While the Biden campaign uses the social media platform TikTok the administration has said they will sign a bill to ban it if the legislation passes.

One wonders sometimes what are they thinking.

Well, now we know…sort of.

Lauren Kapp, does social media videos for the Biden campaign and the DNC. After Biden’s State Of The Union speech she posted an image and in all really brings the nonsense that is the Biden team into perspective.

Kapp posted a side by side with the caption “responding rapidly from Biden HQ” along with two pictures.

The one of the left was Obama with his team (including Biden) watching the Bin Laden raid. It’s a very historical photo and moment in US history that Biden was notoriously against.

Then on the right was an image of Biden’s rapid response team watching his SOTU of speech, as if the two parallel in importance.

The social media “expert” was roasted so bad in the comments that she limited who could respond and even those people weren’t kind.

The optics are hilarious, on one side (even if they weren’t the best) you have officials in the highest forms of government watching a high risk important raid with American lives on the line. On the other you have…well…this:


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