RFK Just Hit Biden Where It Hurts

The Democrat Party may be trying to avoid Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but he’s not ignoring them.

According to reports, the DNC has pretty much closed the primary and will not allow RFK to challenge President Joe Biden for the nomination of president for the 2024 presidential election.

However, that’s not stopping Kennedy and he just made a recent visit that hit Biden where it hurts.

It’s no secret deep blue cities across the country are struggling to deal with Biden’s immigration policy and it’s taking a toll.

So RFK made a visit to the southern border and it made such an impact, The Hill reported on it.

From The Hill:

Democrats are growing concerned that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s profile is rising just as President Biden embarks on a challenging campaign to keep the White House out of Republican control.

Kennedy, an anti-vaccine proponent who launched a primary bid against Biden this spring, is doing unexpectedly well in some polls and receiving increasing media attention as a result. He has also been on a press tour this week that included a Twitter Spaces discussion with Elon Musk and digital town hall with journalist Michael Smerconish.

Democrats widely consider Kennedy to be a problematic fringe candidate who freely spreads conspiracy theories. But his relatively decent poll numbers, as well as his media-ready image as an heir to the famous political dynasty, have caused some to worry he could gain steam and potentially distract from the task of reelecting Biden in 2024.

One of the problems the DNC has is that they could control Senator Bernie Sanders but they have no control over RFK.

“Democrats would be foolish to mock or belittle RFK Jr. Every time we make fun of those who hold fringe positions, we lose,” said Michael Ceraso, a Democratic strategist and former campaign aide to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. “The Democratic Party acting smug never works.”

“Take RFK seriously, Biden,” Ceraso said. “If you don’t, we can create a stronger Republican Party that beats us in 2024. Like Bernie did in 2016, RFK has the potential to activate fringe anger if we mock them.”

Recent polls are showing RFK with 16-10% support over Biden among Democrats.

That is astronomical considering the DNC is trying to pretend he doesn’t exist.

What’s even more interesting is that left-of-center journalist (who’s got a strong reputation for being fairish but generally supports Democrats) Michael Smerconish held a lengthy interview with RFK.

The fact that Smerconish was willing to host RFK shows there are cracks deep inside the left.

Slowly it appears that RFK is digging away at Biden’s foundation especially when he goes to the border showing the chaos.


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