Protestors Teach Antifa A Lesson, But Adam Schiff Plays Dirty Tricks – WATCH

In Glendale, California, things hit a boiling point over a Pride assembly at an elementary school and the city’s large Armenian Christian population.

Several hundred Armenian American protestors gathered in the parking lot of the Glendale Unified School District headquarters opposing exposing elementary-aged kids to LGBTQ+ children. Antifa showed up to intimidate the crowd, but they got taught a lesson.


Antifa then decided to try and intimidate the group.

However, the Armenian Americans protesting woke ideology didn’t put up with the nonsense, and a brawl broke out, causing police to rush in and rescue the Antifa members.

Police also beat back an Armenian man.

Antifa and their supporters quickly retreated, it also appears according to news reports police arrested two members of the far left group who appeared to prompt the brawl.

Despite being humiliated it appears that antifa wants to escalate things even more.

Despite video showing Antifa agitating the protestors good old Adam Schiff attacked the protestors.

If that doesn’t like Democrat politicians during the George Floyd riots I don’t know what does.


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